Being based in Florida, it offers a unique opportunity for aerial photography. Hurricanes are part of the Florida lifestyle. When hurricanes and storm damage occur, SKY 1 Imaging is called out in a variety of capacities. Residential and commercial roof and building inspections play a major role in post storm damage.  SKY 1 Imaging has also provided aerial television content for The Weather Channel and local news stations. Additionally, we've been asked to assist the Sheriff's office with damage assessments, Below are aerial photos of Hurricane Matthew and various storm damage images.

Off-shore sailboat races. All aerial photos were captured from a moving boat in the ocean. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Corporate events: SKY 1 Imaging can provide aerial photos and aerial videos for your next corporate event or golf outing.

The video below is from NFL quarterback, Blake Bortles - hosting his annual golf tournament at the King & Bear Golf Course in St. Augustine, Florida

Below are aerial photos of Hurricane Irma and various storm damage images.

Photo & Video Gallery

Welcome to the Photo & Video Gallery of SKY 1 Imaging. Our drones are everywhere! From gathering aerial photos and aerial videos of your corporate event, to providing aerial content for television breaking news stories. And from assisting the Sheriff's office with hurricane damage assessments, to providing aerial videos for a documentary for the BBC in London and the Smithsonian Channel - EARTH FROM OUTER SPACE

​​SKY 1 Imaging was honored to provide aerial photos and videos as police officer Floyd East was buried at sea.

​Inland sailboat races. Click on arrows below to scroll through the photos.

The first priority for SKY 1 Imaging is safety! Wind and potential obstacles are always a concern. ​​When flying a drone from a moving boat - in the ocean, or on the river - photographing other moving boats - it's an entirely different skill-set. SKY 1 Imaging has been called upon to capture a host of unique aerial images. From important breaking news events, to capturing a police officer's funeral - a burial at sea - from the back of a shrimp boat. And from being the U.S. based drone pilot for a Smithsonian Channel featured documentary, to receiving a police escort over the Vilano Bridge to capture hurricane storm damage in heavy post-hurricane winds. The skill of a drone pilot matters! 

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 FAA APPROVED​ - UAS Part 107  Remote Pilot

​               FAA Private Pilot

SKY 1 Imaging has been called upon numerous times to provide aerial television content for breaking news stories.

Aerial Photography | Aerial Video Production

Living and working near the coast of Florida, can occasionally provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to capture stunning aerial photos and aerial videos. At times, depending on the wind, flying drones over the ocean for extended period of times can become dicey. SKY 1 Imaging was grateful for the opportunity to capture a beautiful North Atlantic Right Whale and her calf off the coast of Ormond Beach, Florida.

North Atlantic Right Whales: Almost extinct, it is believed that only 500 North Atlantic Right Whales are known to exist in the world. All photos and videos were shot and piloted by Tom Kane of SKY 1 Imaging. For more information on North Atlantic Right Whales, please click NARWC. Click the photos below to enlarge.