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  • Corporate ground-breaking ceremonies
  • ​Construction progress photos and videos
  • Equipment roll-outs
  • Company picnic aerial photos
  • Live stream or live feed of your event to your business partners 
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Brochure aerials - are just some of the ideal applications for aerial photographs or aerial videos.

Insurance companies throughout the country are beginning to use drones for claims, underwriting, assessments, damage overviews, storm evaluations, roof inspections and hail damage. If you are an insurance company in need any of those services - even in emergency situations, please call SKY 1 Imaging today to assist you with your insurance needs. We understand the importance of getting the photos and videos back to the office quickly to make claim evaluations.

        Aerial photos & videos....

Corporate Events & Construction

Restaurants & retail stores now have an opportunity that didn't exist a few years ago - to have amazing aerial photos or videos of their business.

SKY 1 Imaging can provide beautiful aerial images, at affordable prices, that enable you to upload them to your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, menus or brochures.

Many restaurants have stunning outside seating areas or beautiful buildings that can now be highlighted for all your marketing needs. Retail stores, car dealerships, and marinas can now have aerial photos or videos taken in hard-to-reach locations - that will provide endless marketing opportunities. Call SKY 1 Imaging today at 844-FLY-SKY1. We will happily come out to your location to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

Does your restaurant or store have a special event planned? Maybe a new band will be featured, or a sidewalk sale is scheduled. Capture that day with aerial photos, because once that day is over - it's over!

Restaurants & Retail:

Aerial photography and aerial videos can have a lasting effect on potential buyers. Using it, can absolutely sell a home or a commercial property. In today's competitive real estate marketplace, you need every edge available to set your listing apart. It's important!

Because the FAA has changed the regulations on drone use for commercial purposes, real estate agents and brokers must consider a few points, however, when hiring an aerial photographer:

1 - The person flying the drone, MUST be approved by the FAA to fly commercially - NO EXCEPTIONS! The drone pilot must have either a 333 Exemption or, as of August 29, 2016 must have passed PART 107 - FAA Drone Certification. If the aerial photographer does not have one of these certifications, they are flying illegally.

2 - By not having one of these FAA Approvals, you are creating a liability issue for yourself, your broker and the business you represent. Rest assured, SKY 1 Imaging, LLC meets all those requirements.

Real Estate

SKY 1 Imaging, LLC is North Florida's premiere aerial photographer. From the Ponce Inlet to Amelia Island, no one has photographed more homes and buildings using drones than SKY 1 Imaging.

Located in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida - SKY 1 Imaging uses the very latest in Drone Technology.Our drones take crystal clear videos in 4K or 1080p using a 3-axis gimbal to provide Hollywood cinematic-style videos. The on-board camera uses the latest technologically advanced "flat lens" system - eliminating the "fish-eye" view that many other systems use. The cameras will also shoot beautiful still photographs to capture your business or event.

​SKY 1 Imaging, LLC is an established Florida LLC. Owned and operated by an FAA licensed pilot and UAV/Drone Pilot, SKY 1 Imaging has received FAA Approval and 333 Exemption flight status. Why is this important? Because if you're considering hiring a business that hasn't received FAA Approval to fly drones commercially, that business is operating illegally - creating a potential liability for you!

Ground-breaking Ceremonies

​      & Business Gatherings

Additional considerations for anyone who would like to hire a drone/aerial photographer...

1 - Is the business or drone pilot an established and legitimate Florida business?

2 - Are they insured? Does the drone pilot or business have insurance? SKY 1 Imaging, LLC carries a million dollar liability policy.

3 - Can the drone photographer or business meet your production needs? Can they produce the video or advertising piece you need to get your listing sold?

SKY 1 Imaging, LLC can meet all your real estate photography and production needs. From virtual home video tours to highly produced commercial videos and animations - there's no need to use multiple photographers. Please click the REAL ESTATE link for more information. To view additional videos, please click on the SKY 1 Imaging YouTube Channel.

Construction Progress

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